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Battery Only Installation

A battery only installation is the perfect way to complete your solar system. Whether you are adding storage to your solar panels, or increasing the storage you already have – battery only is the perfect way to maximise your energy savings.

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How Does A Solar Battery Work?

A solar battery works almost exactly like any rechargeable battery does, just with one added element. Your solar panels convert the energy from the sun into DC electricity, this is then passed through an inverter (which is the added element) that converts the energy either into usable energy for your home, or storable energy for you to keep for later. Once the inverter has converted the solar power into the storable energy it goes to your battery where it stays until your home needs to use it.
Solar batteries have two main elements you need to be aware of when it comes to their function and lifecycle:  The first is their capacity. Capacity refers to the amount of energy that can be stored (in kWh) within the battery at any one time. You will often hear people refer to the “size” of a solar battery, when they do, they mean its capacity.
The second element to consider when it comes to a solar battery is the number of lifecycles it is under warranty for. A “cycle” refers to the number of times that the battery can be fully recharged from empty. Many batteries are warrantied for a certain length of time, or a certain number of cycles, whichever comes first.

What Is A Solar Battery?

A solar battery is what allows your home to continue to utilise energy from your solar panels after they have stopped producing electricity for the day. Solar panels convert energy from the sun into electricity that your home can use, and more often than not, your solar panels will do one of either two things:
  • Produce more power than your home can use.
  • Produce the majority of the power when you aren’t home to use it.

This is where the solar battery comes in.

Your solar panels will always take care of any electricity your home needs as a first priority, after that the electricity they generate is either sent to the national grid if there is no way to store it, or it is stored so you can use it as and when you need it if you have a solar battery.
You may be wondering whether a solar battery is for you if you happen to be at home during the day, if you’re retired, or working from home for example?  The answer is yes, a battery is still a great addition to your home. Solar batteries will not only store the electricity from your solar panels, but they can also sell it back to the grid using smart technology.

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