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Solar System Installation

A solar system refers to a situation where both solar panels and a storage battery are installed together to create a system that encompasses your entire home’s energy needs. Whilst it is possible to have just solar panels installed, or if you already have them then it’s possible to have a battery only installation, but sometimes the best option is to have both installed together.

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Adding To Your Solar System

Solar panel systems can be expanded, especially if you know you plan on adding to them later. If you add microinverters to your solar panels, rather than a string inverter during installation, you can easily add more solar panels to expand your system and generate even more power.

Similarly, solar batteries are modular batteries. This means that if you wanted a battery that was 6kW, you wouldn’t get one large battery, but rather you would have two 3kW batteries connected working together. This means that if you want to increase your storage capacity you can simply add another battery to connect to your existing batteries and expand your storage!

Why A Solar System?

The great thing about a solar system is that it allows you to capture and store energy from the sun to use at all hours of the day. This is because generally speaking solar panels generate more energy throughout the day than they can harness, so the addition of a battery in combination with the panels means you have stored free energy.

The majority of people will find themselves out of the house when energy generation is highest, which is during the middle of the day. Even though solar panels don’t need to rely on sunlight, and instead can generate energy effectively through daylight alone, they do still work best when the sun is at its brightest. This means that for most people solar panels alone won’t cover their energy needs sufficiently to lower their energy bills. The addition of the battery to complete a solar system is the solution to this problem.

Essentially a solar battery is a giant rechargeable battery that stores excess electricity generated from solar power. It can then sell this solar power back to the grid via the Smart Export Guarantee if there is a lot of excess(making you money in the process), or it can release the energy it has stored when the solar panels are no longer powering your appliances. So when the sun goes down and the house gets busier with showers, ovens, televisions, lights being left on, and the general chaos of a house in the evening – your battery will let you use free solar power to run it all.

Solar Guides

We have written some helpful guides, to answer some more questions you might have about the wonderful world of solar!


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