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Expand Your Solar System

Expanding your system can mean you already have solar panels and want more, you may have a battery and want more storage, or you might even want to add a battery to your existing solar panels!

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It is always best if you are expanding your solar system if you can get your original installers/solar company to expand the system. This is because there is a higher chance that the original installer will be using compatible equipment with your existing system.

Not only that, but if you use multiple companies to install or expand your solar system, they can’t verify the quality of the work of one another, meaning your warranties may not be valid.

Expand Your Solar System

Expanding your solar system can be done in one of two main ways. Either you already have solar panels on your roof, but with more space available to add more and would like to increase the number of panels you have, or you already have a storage battery and would like to increase the storage capacity for your system. You could even just be adding a battery to your existing solar panels to complete your system.
Adding to your solar system is something that you might be looking into for a number of reasons. You could have increased your energy usage, you might be looking into an Electric Vehicle and want to expand your system to charge it cheaply, you may have installed a smaller system initially to stagger the investment, you could even have just seen ever rising energy bills and decided to try and save as much money as possible. No matter what the reasons, expanding your solar system is absolutely an option.

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