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Non-UV Stable Resin

Non-UV stable resin is sometimes known as aliphatic resin. Despite its strength it has not been designed to resist the effects of UV rays on your driveway.

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What is Non-UV Stable Resin?

Non-UV stable resin is the first kind of resin that resin driveways were built with. In fact the entire resin driveway industry in the UK was started with non-UV stable resin, and it is still in use today. Non-UV stable resin is cheaper than UV stable, but not designed to resist the effects of UV.

Why Choose Non-UV Stable Resin?

Non-UV stable resin is sometimes referred to as Buff, or commercial grade resin by some suppliers. One of the biggest reasons to use non-UV stable resin is its strength. It has been the backbone of theresin driveway and resin industry in general for many many years, and continues to be used today, especially on commercial projects.

Non-UV is the cheapest of the two types of resin available, and depending on your supplier, can be significantly cheaper. We don’t always like to admit it, but cost is always a significant factor when it comes to home improvements, and resin drives are no exception.

One criticism of non-UV stable resin is that it can get darker when exposed to the effect of UV radiation from sunlight. Whilst this can be a problem when you have a light resin, when you choose a darker colour or a brown resin, the effect is significantly less noticeable. Combine that with the difference in price between the two resin types and there is a very good argument for choosing non-UV stable over UV stable resin.

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