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Resin Bound Driveways

A resin bound driveway involves mixing resin and aggregate stone together for the perfect finish.

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What is a Resin Bound Driveway?

Resin bound driveways are one of the most commonly installed types of resin driveway in the UK. Resin bound driveways are created by mixing resin with aggregate stone to create the material that will become your driveway. Available in a variety of different colours and finishes, resin bound driveways can be designed to suit both modern, and traditional homes, so it’s easy to see why they’re so popular!

Why Choose a Resin Bound Driveway?

A resin bound driveway is a fantastic way to update your home and bring some curb appeal to your outside space. Unlike most other ways of updating your driveway, resin bound drives are a low maintenance solution. Due to the way resin bound drives are made and put down, weeds or unwanted plants won’t be able to make their way through to the surface of the drive, so no more weedkiller or weeding the drive! Not only that, but as long as the drive surface is kept clean then then likelihood of anything like moss or algae that could make your drive slippery to walk on is drastically reduced as well.

Besdies looking great and being low maintenance, a resin bound driveway is permeable, which makes it SUDS compliant. SUDS stands for Sustainable Urban Drainage System, and it is a standard that is in place to reduce pressure on the drainage system. What this means for your resin drive is that it will allow water to seep through the surface of the drive and back into the ground, the same way water would on grass, rather than sit on top of a non-permeable surface like tarmac or concrete. This makes your resin bound driveway better for the environment, and helps our natural eco-system thrive, even in urban areas.

If you are installing a new driveway that is bigger than 5 square metres in size, you have to ensure that either your driveway is SUDS compliant or apply for planning permission for a non-permeable material to be used. Just one more reason why a resin bound driveway is a perfect choice!

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