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UV Stable Resin

UV stable resin is sometimes known as “aromatic resin”. It is designed to resist the effects of UV rays on your driveway.

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What is UV Stable Resin?

UV stable resin is readily available on the UK market and is more refined than non-UV stable resin. Because it is more refined than non-UV stable resin it is more expensive, however, it is designed to retain its colour and resist the effects of UV rays on the resin.

Why Choose UV Stable Resin

When choosing a resin drive it is important to ensure that you choose the right kind of resin for your needs, not just the stone aggregate that will be blended with it to give it the colour and design you want. UV stable resin is a great choice for anyone who is installing a resin driveway for one simple reason. It will resist the effects of UV rays that can damage your driveway.

Technically known as aliphatic polyurethane, the resin used in creating a resin drive is essential in ensuring that the colour of surface remains the same. When exposed to sunlight a non-UV stable resin will start to turn a darker brown colour, which can affect the colour of your driveway – especially if you choose a light-coloured aggregate stone.

Since UV stable resin is designed to ensure it remains clear when exposed to UV light, your driveway should always remain the same colour. One of the big issues some people find when choosing non-UV stable resin is that their driveway will become patchy and fade unevenly, if they have plant pots or wheelie bins left in the same place on the drive for example. Even leaving your car parked in one place on a sunny day can cause uneven shading on a non-UV stable driveway.

None of those things are an issue with UV resin.

Another great reason to choose UV stable resin is that they are significantly easier to trowel, making them better for installers to work with. As well as that they are much more tolerant of different conditions, which is another bonus for their installation. UV stable resin is able to withstand moisture as soon as 4 hours after it is laid when laid at 20°C, whereas non-UV stable resin is much less workable.

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