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JA Solar

JA Solar were founded in 2005, and have almost 20 years’ of experience manufacturing in the solar industry. They have 12 manufacturing bases across the globe, and more than 20 branches worldwide.

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Why JA Solar?

JA Solar produce silicon wafers, cells, modules and even solar power stations. Their products are in use in 135 countries and regions, and they have options available for ground-mounted power plants, commercial & industrial solar systems, and residential solar systems as well.

Their products come with a fantastic 30-year warranty, which is longer than the industry standard, and their closest direct competitors who tend to offer the standard 25-year warranty.

Their panels are also at the high end of efficiency ratings for solar panel performance, with efficiency ratings of 20-21% on their panels, their products will hold their own against any of their competitors in the solar market

Why Install Solar On Your Home?

Next generation solar and battery systems are capable of producing large amounts of free electricity from daylight which can drastically cut your bills – right at the time when energy bills are at their highest point ever.

Cut Bills By Up To 70%

Generating your own energy reduces the need to buy expensive energy from the grid.

Save Up To £40,000

Savings over your solar panels’ 25 year guaranteed lifespan can add up to £40,000 in most cases.

No Upfront Costs

Get solar on your roof with no upfront costs and flexible finance options spread over 10 years.

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