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Panasonic Solar

Panasonic have always been driven by a mission of making society better through technology. This is what led the company to investing in sustainable energy solutions, and now Panasonic make some of the best solar panels in the industry.

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Why Panasonic?

The sustainable arm of Panasonic originally started as SANYO, meaning that their work and technology is built on a foundation of over 40 years of research and development and is now able to deliver highly efficient solar panels, as well as other products like EV batteries and hydrogen fuel cells. 

Highly efficient and powerful to boot, it’s easy to see why Panasonic produce some of the best solar panels in the UK market. Solar panels from Panasonic come in a compact size compared to some of their competitors, meaning that they can be moved around and manipulated into getting a solar array on even the most complex of roof shapes.

Not only are they compact but Panasonic solar panels have been designed to work in higher temperatures than standard solar panels, meaning they suffer less from heat related efficiency loss than their competitors. Not only that but they have a specific frame design that helps with water drainage, extending their lifespan especially in somewhere like the UK that gets consistent rainfall. With all the technology available in Panasonic panels, it’s no wonder that that of 4 million Panasonic solar installation across the Europe, there have only been 0.0044% that have ever failed.

Why Install Solar On Your Home?

Next generation solar and battery systems are capable of producing large amounts of free electricity from daylight which can drastically cut your bills – right at the time when energy bills are at their highest point ever.

Cut Bills By Up To 70%

Generating your own energy reduces the need to buy expensive energy from the grid.

Save Up To £40,000

Savings over your solar panels’ 25 year guaranteed lifespan can add up to £40,000 in most cases.

No Upfront Costs

Get solar on your roof with no upfront costs and flexible finance options spread over 10 years.

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