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Commercial Solar

A commercial solar installation is a great way to reduce your business overheads, take control of your energy usage, and show off the green credentials of your business.

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Are Commercial & Domestic Solar Different?

Commercial solar and domestic solar work in exactly the same way. The difference between the two is how capable the grid infrastructure is of supporting the solar system. When a solar panel system reaches a certain size you need to apply for permission to install the system from the national grid, in order to make sure you don’t cause any problems to the wider network.
Domestic properties can apply for the same permission, but generally speaking commercial properties will have an easier time having their request accepted due to their already larger size and existing requirements for energy infrastructure.

Is Commercial Solar Worth It?

Energy prices don’t just affect private homes, businesses are subject to the changes in the energy market too. Commercial properties and businesses can often feel the benefits of solar installations even more than a regular homeowner can. After all, businesses tend to have much higher energy costs than homes, so it stands to reason that their savings would be higher too!
Adding solar panels to your business can give you substantial energy savings, increase your financial stability and both reduce and give you greater control over your overheads. Not only that but the carbon efficiency savings solar panels can make will boost your business’s green energy profile and are a massive way to market your business’s sustainability and green values. You may even be able to sell any excess energy you generate back to the national grid!

Finance Options

It can be expensive to install solar panels, especially on a large building. However, this shouldn’t necessarily be a sticking point when it comes to deciding whether or not an investment in solar is the right decision for your business.

Operating Lease Purchase

An Operating Lease Purchase means that your business uses the money that it is currently spending on energy to pay off the solar panel system. You get the benefit of minimal upfront costs, and your lease payments are designed for your benefit.

Green Funding

There are Green Energy lenders who are not only offering competitive rates for green projects, but will fully fund a renewable energy project such as a solar installation. Green energy funding can boost your business sustainability and lower your business overheads through solar.


A Capex purchase is an outright purchase that will allow you to claim VAT back once the project is commissioned and immediately take advantage of the savings. If your business qualifies for this kind of purchase you can claim 130% VAT on the total cost of the system.

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