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Cladco Decking

Cladco are an independent, family owned business with 5 decades of experience. Founded in 1972, they have grown from selling roofing supplies on the founders driveway in rural Devon to supplying outdoor fencing, roofing and decking solutions throughout the UK.

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Cladco Decking

Cladco have 3 different bases across the South West, allowing them to maintain high levels of stock for their products, so that they can deliver a great service to their customers, without long wait times.

Cladco added decking to their product range alongside metal roofing sheets as their primary products in 2013, expanding their product offering after an extensive period of testing to ensure that their own high standards of quality. Since then they have also included composite cladding, fibre cement cladding, slatting cladding and composite fencing to even further grow their product offering and establish themselves as a leading player in the outdoor improvement market.

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