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Bay Windows

Bay Windows are a classic window shape that allows you to let more light and ventilation into your home by slightly extending the space you have for your windows.

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What Are Bay Windows?

A bay window is a type of window that protrudes out from the exterior wall of the building, creating a little bit more space in your home, but crucially, allowing significantly more light into your home than if your windows were simply set into the wall.

Why Choose Bay Windows?

Bay windows come in a variety of styles, meaning you should have no trouble choosing the right kind for your home. Whether you choose a box bay, bow bay, or a circle bay, there is sure to be something to suit your style. Not only that, but the windows themselves come in a variety of different finishes and designs, so they can be customised beyond just the bay type.
A natural advantage of having bay windows is the amount of extra natural light they will let into your home, but having more windows in your room means that you also have the option of installing more windows that open. Having more windows to open, and at different angles, gives you more options for ventilating your home and allowing fresh air in and stale air out, giving your home great airflow.
By the nature of what a bay window is, they also add more space to your home when installed and the bay is created. This means that not only do you have more light in your home, and better ventilation, but you also now have extended your interior. Whilst it may not be by much, you can never underestimate the added value of having somewhere to keep the kid’s toys, the pet beds, or somewhere to perfectly fit a desk or comfy chair to read in.

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