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Casement Windows

Casement Windows are the most common type of windows available in the UK. They are the most versatile in terms of style, and there is a casement window to suit every home.

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What Are Casement Windows?

A casement window is one of the most popular and versatile window types in the UK. “Casement” refers to the part of the window that opens, so casement windows are a style of window that is attached to the window frame by a hinge, usually at the sides, but sometimes at the top, or the bottom, depending on the way the window opens.

Why choose Casement Windows?

There is a reason why casement windows are so popular in the UK – there are so many advantages of choosing them! First and foremost, casement windows are the type that do the job of a window the best. That is to say, they’re the window that provides the best seal against the elements. The way casement windows are designed means that when they’re closed, they are sealed against the frame in 3 ways – providing you with incredible protection against the elements.
Not only do casement seal you against the elements the best, they’re also incredibly secure, with almost all their working parts and hardware hidden beneath the frame, they are exceptionally hard to be interfered with.
As well as being sealed against the elements, and secure against anything else, casement windows are incredibly versatile – which is one of the other big reasons that so many homes in the UK have them. Casement windows can be customised in a massive variety of ways to suit a variety of styles of home. They also come in a range of materials and colours, with multi-locking features, and a variety of different ways to open the window too. What’s more, casement windows are an excellent option for people with mobility issues, since their simple lever arches make them incredibly easy to open, close and lock, which is just another reason they are perfect for almost every home.

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