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Bird Proofing

Solar panels are an excellent upgrade to your home. With all the spectacular benefits they have, you need to make sure that they are maintained properly, and a big part of that is ensuring that they are protected against damage from birds.

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Bird fouling can be corrosive to solar panels, stain them and can cause serious health issues for people if it is accidentally ingested, gets into a cut, or is breathed in when dry.

There are also bird mites that can get into your property from nesting birds, which is then an expensive and irritating pest you will need to pay to get rid of in your home.

What Is Bird Proofing?

It should come as no surprise that solar panels are incredibly attractive to birds, and that this brings with it a lot of problems that can affect the long-term benefits of having panels installed. Solar panels are attractive to bird for 2 main reasons, the first is that they’re warm. Just like us birds love to be warm, and when solar panels get warm throughout the day after absorbing the sun, they become incredibly attractive to birds who are resting, or ones that are looking to make their nests.
This leads us to the second reason why solar panels are perfect for birds; they’re warm, they’re safe, and they’re sheltered. This makes them the perfect spot for birds to want to nest in.
Birds are a danger to your solar panels. Besides the normal threats to your roof that nesting birds can pose like damage to your masonry and gutters, they also pose additional threats to the cabling, panels, frames and function of your solar panel system. Movement from the birds themselves can cause damage to your system, but there are also concerns that comes when things like bird-fouling is allowed to build up over time.

Types of Bird Proofing

There are two main types of bird proofing, and one additional type that works best used alongside the others.

Bird Mesh

Bird mesh is a wire mesh netting that goes around your solar panels outer edge, going all the way to the roof tiles so nothing gets under the solar panels, and they also go slightly above your solar panels too, making it difficult for anything to get underneath your solar panels from the top too.

Bird Spikes

Bird spikes are the other main option that is available to protect your solar panels from birds. They are designed to protrude from the roof at awkward angles in order to make birds just uncomfortable enough to choose elsewhere to land. They do not hurt the birds!

Replica Predator

A replica predator is designed to work alongside either mesh or spikes to help deter birds from landing.  It seems silly, but birds have been proven to avoid areas with replica predators such as owls on them. They are a cheap way to add additional protection for your panels.

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