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Everest were founded in 1964 and have been one of the industry leaders in Home improvements in the UK throughout their history.

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Why Choose Everest?

Everest have been one of the biggest names in the installation, manufacture and supply of windows and other home improvements in the UK since their founding in 1964. It has always been their mission to ensure that homeowners throughout the country had the best windows and doors in their homes.

They focused on the replacement of poor quality windows and doors that were typical of post-WW2 installations during their first years in business, and when efficiency standards were introduced in the UK in 2003 they focused their efforts on ensuring that homes throughout the country had windows and doors that met these new standards, improving energy efficiency and the quality of life for people and homes across the length and breadth of the UK.

In 2020 Everest were able to survive being sent into administration by the Covid-19 pandemic, and were reformed as Everest 2020, saving over 1000 jobs in the process.

As a company they are proud to say that they hold accreditations with the governing and regulatory bodies for their industry that act as a guarantee to customers for the quality of their products.

They have Secured by Design approval from the UK Police that shows their products are up to the organisations safety standards when it comes to crime prevention. They have secured Quiet Mark approval for their Double Glazed Casement Windows, as well as Trust Mark accreditation from the UK government that ensures standards of tradesman to protect customers from rogue traders. They also have the Made in Britain marque on their products, showing the company’s commitment to supporting British manufacturing and design, to name just a few of the accreditations Everest are proud to hold.

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