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Alpha are one of the best names in the UK heating industry.  Boasting over 50 years’ experience they offer an innovative approach to manufacturing, combined with traditional business values to provide the perfect choice for the mid-range boiler market.

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Why Choose a Alpha Boiler

Boasting a 4.7 rating on TrustPilot, Alpha are not only highly reviewed as a brand but have also been given the “Good Homes Approved” award and received 5 star reviews for some of their range from the Good Homes publication.

With head offices based in Kent, Alpha’s customer service team is UK based and available to answer questions about their boiler range, and offer technical support for their customers.  Not only do they offer technical support, they promise to dispatch a nationwide service engineer to solve the issue as quickly as possible if they can’t solve the issue over the phone.

The Alpha Boiler Range

Even though Alpha don’t have the same level of history behind them as some of their competitors, boasting only 50 years in the industry, you can rest assured that they are still a brand to be respected.  On top of their own history in the heating and boiler business, they are owned by the Italian Immergas group, who have produced over 7 million boilers and are active in 30 countries worldwide, meaning they have the foundation of one of the biggest boiler manufacturers in Europe behind them.

Offering combi, system and a small number of regular boilers, the entire Alpha range is supplied with a 7 warranty as standard, with some models like the E-Tec Plus coming with a 10-year warranty as standard that can be boosted to 13 years if certain criteria are met.  Having such a good warranty as standard is always an excellent indication of how confident a manufacturer is in the quality of their product, and Alpha have shown how committed to their products they are.

Each model available across the entire boiler range is A rated for efficiency, with up to 93% efficiency on some models.  This is because Alpha is committed to ensuring that their boilers are not only cost-effective but are as environmentally friendly as possible too.

Alpha Boiler Costs

Alpha a great boiler at the mid-range price point.  Not the cheapest boiler on the market, but by no means the most expensive, they are a solid brand that fly often under the radar in the UK, but are a market leader in Italy, and widely used across the globe.

Knowing that not only is the initial cost of a boiler a factor when deciding to replace yours, but that running costs are just as important, Alpha have made great strides to making their boilers run as efficiently as possible.  They have created technology to use across their range like the GasSaver system to extract heat from flue gases, which is then used to pre-heat the cold mains water before it ever reaches the boiler – saving you money on the gas needed to get your water to temperature.

Alpha boilers can cost anywhere between £650-£1250 depending on the type, and size of the boiler you need for your home.  Couple that with their energy efficiency that means you could be getting a boiler that wastes as little as 7p per £1 used to run it and you have a great brand at a price well within a lot of people’s reach.

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