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Regular boilers can also be known as a traditional boiler, or even a heat only boiler, all of which are correct.  The regular boiler is the oldest type of boiler used in the UK, hence the reason some people refer to it as a traditional boiler. 

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What is a Regular Boiler?

A regular boiler only provides heat to the radiators directly and requires a hot water storage tank to provide it for taps and showers, hence the reason why some people refer to it as a heat only boiler.

They require both a cold-water tank and a hot water tank, as well as expansion vessels to control water pressure alongside the boiler itself, so they aren’t an option for homes without lots of space.

Combi, system, and regular (or heat only) boilers all can be powered by gas, as well as other fuel types.

Benefits of a Regular Boiler

First and foremost, a regular boiler is a great choice for a large home with lots of hot water demand.  Designed to deliver hot water to multiple taps at the same time, without a drop in water pressure, they are ideal for bigger homes and families.

Another great benefit of a having a regular boiler installed in your home is that they can be fitted with an immersion heater.  Adding an immersion heater to your home means that you can have a back-up for your heating and hot water needs if your boiler ever breaks down or goes on the fritz.  Immersion heaters are powered by electricity rather than gas or oil like your boiler will be, so you will always have a back-up to your boiler. 

There is legislation in place in the UK that means that any new boiler must be a condensing boiler as these are the most efficient type of boiler available on the market.  This will still make any new regular boiler you install more efficient than the one you currently have installed, with some new condensing boilers being as much as 97% efficient.

An underrated benefit of a regular boiler is that if you are simply upgrading your existing boiler system rather than completely changing it then it is simple, and minimally disruptive to your home.  It may be a small thing, but considerations like how disruptive changing the boiler will be can have a big impact.

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How Much Do They Cost?

There are two main driving forces for any boiler installation – the cost of the boiler, and the cost of installing it in your home.  A regular boiler will be more expensive to replace since there are ultimately more parts than any other type, and these all come with an individual cost.  A new boiler itself can cost anywhere between £500-£2000+ depending on size, warranty, or brand – which is line with other boiler units.  However, the added costs of cold water and hot water storage tanks respectively can range from £150 – £1000 which will soon see the price rise quickly.

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