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Gas boilers are the most common type of boiler in the UK.  When discussing a gas boiler, we aren’t referring to a type of boiler per se. but rather the type of fuel that the boiler uses to provide heat and hot water.

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What is a Gas Boiler?

A gas boiler works by acting like a mini fire contained within the boiler unit itself, using gas drawn from the mains network. The boiler uses gas to burn in the boiler’s combustion chamber and heats up water through a heat exchanger, which is then passed to where it is needed in the home – whether that is directly to taps, the shower, the heating system, or into a hot water storage tank to be used later.

Combi, system, and regular (or heat only) boilers all can be powered by gas, as well as other fuel types.

Benefits of a Gas Boiler

The biggest benefit of a gas boiler is that at this moment in time, natural gas is the cheapest way to heat your home and water.  Whilst there are other options for different boiler types that have different advantages, when it comes to cost alone it will cost significantly less to heat your home using natural gas than any other fuel source.

Gas boilers are also the most common type of boiler used in the UK, with the vast majority of homes in the country connected to the national gas network.  Because they are the most common that means two things: First, it means that there are lots of options of different brands, sizes and types of boiler available giving you choice for which to go with, and ensuring that replacement parts and materials are easy to come by. Second, it means that changing your current boiler for a like-for-like gas boiler should be a simple and easy job for a Gas Safe registered engineer, meaning any disruption to your home will be kept to an absolute minimum.

Types of Gas Boilers

The main types of boiler that are available that can be run by natural gas are shown below.

Combi Boilers

The most common type of boiler in the UK. Combi boilers take their water directly from the mains water supply, and heat it as required by your taps/showers and heating system, meaning there is no need for large water tanks in the home

System Boilers

Work in a similar way to combi boilers as they take their water from the mains storage system, but then store their hot water in a separate storage tank in order to provide instant hot water.  They are the ideal option for larger homes with a high hot water demand.

Regular Boilers

A regular boiler is the oldest type of boiler system available and works by drawing its hot water from a large cold water tank in the loft or attic, heating that in the boiler, and then delivering that hot water to a hot water storage tank.

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