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Combi Boiler Quotes

A combi boiler – or combination boiler to use their full name – is the most popular type of boiler in the UK, with over 70% of homes having one installed rather than a traditional hot water or system boiler.

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What is a Combi Boiler?

A modern combi boiler uses condensing technology to heat the water system.  When you need hot water or heating the boiler begins to burn gas, the heat from burning the gas is transferred to a heat exchanger where the water temperature around the heat exchanger begins to rise, the heated water is then pumped around the boiler and through a second heat exchanger, then the cold water entering the boiler from the mains is heated and transferred to your heating and hot water taps as need

All homeowners and landlords are now legally required to install a condensing boiler in their homes when they update their boiler or install a new one.  The reason being that they are simply much more efficient.  A condensing boiler recycles the heat from the waste gases, and uses it to heat the water, getting maximum efficiency from the same heat.

Benefits of a Combi Boiler

The biggest benefit of a combi boiler is that it gives you instant access to hot water and central heating, without needing to wait for a full tank of hot water to heat up – meaning that everyone can jump straight into the shower when they get home from work, no needing to worry about the hot water all being gone!

Combi boilers are significantly smaller than traditional boilers, and they do not need any kind of external water tank, so they save significantly on space. Modern combi boilers have to be at least 92% efficient as standard, meaning that for every £1 they cost to run, only 8p is lost to waste heat and gases, making them incredibly efficient and economical to run, potentially saving you £100’s of pounds.

They are also more economically sound than a traditional style boiler by the nature of how they work.  Traditional boilers will heat large amounts of water, even for a small task, Combi boilers by contrast only heat water for the amount that they are turned on for.  Meaning that if you only want to run the tap to fill the washing up bowl, then the boiler will only run that amount of time, and heat that amount of water.

Another consideration of a combi boiler is that significantly cheaper to install than its traditional counterparts, owing to the significantly less complicated design.  It’s also easier to find replacement parts for a combi boiler if they are needed for a repair.

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How Much Do They Cost?

The price of a new combi boiler will always be in a range, and will depend on a number of factors.  Everything from boiler size, to manufacturer, to the types of features you want on your boiler.

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