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Biasi UK were formed in 1990 to bring the Biasi range to the UK market and have become a leading supplier of heating products throughout Great Britain. Biasi produce and manufacture all their products in a dedicated facility in Pordenone Italy, rigorously testing all their products to the highest standards.

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Why Choose a Baisi Boiler

Biasi offer a complete range of natural gas boilers, including Combi, System and Regular boilers.  Serving over 40 different global markets, Biasi ensure that their wide range of residential boilers are tested throughout their production to maintain the highest standards possible.

Their production facility is ISO:9001 & ISO:14001 accredited, meaning that not only are Biasi committed to ensuring their production is always done with the environment in mind, but that they run their business by doing the best they can for their customers by ensuring high quality management standards.

The Baisi Boiler Range

Featuring a complete range of the major different boiler types, Biasi is proud to say all of their boilers are affordable and easy to use.  They don’t offer any boilers outside of natural gas-fuelled boilers, so are not an option for homes off the grid, however for those who are on the grid, they’re a great reasonably priced option.

All Biasi boilers are produced in-house in their Italian production facility, which allows them to be kept to a high standard in terms of quality before they make their way to the UK hub in Walsall, and then on to a customer’s home.

All Biasi boilers have been designed and built with the ability to be range rated to suit your home’s system.  For example, you could have a 35kw combi boiler that can give you 15.6 litres per minute of hot water, but have the heating set as low as 9.2kw – so your heating will continue to work efficiently despite the high hot water demands.

Biasi also offers free training for installers at their training centre in Walsall, covering all aspects of installation, commissioning, servicing, and fault finding.  So, you can be assured when you use a Biasi-approved engineer for installing or repairing your boiler that they know exactly what to do.

Baisi Boiler Costs

Biasi offers a standard for the industry warranty period of between 3-7 years to give you the peace of mind that in the unlikely event, something might go wrong with your boiler after installation you won’t be left on your own, the brand will be there to help you take care of things.

An affordable option for the vast majority of homes in the UK, Biasi sits at the lower end of the price spectrum. With a high-quality production facility and equally high standards for quality testing, they are an ideal brand for any home on a limited budget, as an introduction to the boiler market.  Generally speaking, Biasi boilers will cost between £500-£750.  The price of the boiler will always depend on a number of factors, from the type of boiler, to the size and output as well.

Energy efficiency is always a factor when it comes to deciding on a new boiler too, as how much it costs to run can be as big a factor in choosing which new boiler to invest in as the initial installation cost.  

Biasi condensing boilers are just as efficient as their competitors on the market, easily hitting the industry standard of 90%. In real terms that means that for every £1 spent on running your boiler, you will only lose 10p to excess heat and gases.

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