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Ferroli Boiler Quotes

Ferroli are an Italian heating manufacturer that have been at the forefront of appliance design and development for over half a century. Offering a complete range of combi, system and open vent boilers, as well as a wide range of renewable products – they now operate in over 100 countries worldwide. 

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Why Choose a Ferroli Boiler

Ferroli may be a smaller brand in the UK, having only entered the market in the 1980’s, but they still enjoy a good reputation regardless.  With a TrustPilot rating of 4.1 (Oct 2022) it shows that size isn’t everything!

Reasonably priced, they offer a small but complete range of boilers including combi, system and electric models, each with different options for sizes and specifications – there is almost certainly something in their range for every home at an affordable price.

The Ferroli Boiler Range

Ferroli offers a great range of boilers, with options for gas boilers and homes not connected to the grid, as well as different boiler types, including combi, system and open vented boilers – there is sure to be something in their range for you. 

One thing that sets Ferroli apart from some of their larger competitors is the fact that they only offer a small number of boilers of each type.  By concentrating on a smaller product range, it means that they are able to ensure that their entire range is of the highest quality possible, and that they can manufacture and sell their products at unmatched prices.

Another factor that Ferroli have in their favour is their warranty periods.  Whilst some of their lower end models do only have a 2 year warranty, the majority of their range comes with 5 years as standard, but crucially, this can expand to 7 or 10 years if certain criteria such as fitting a high performance magnetic filter are met.  This extra reassurance and confidence from the brand in their work isn’t something that you can get from every manufacturer, especially ones at this price point.

Ferroli Boiler Costs

With the quality of materials, Italian engineering in their boilers, and the high customer satisfaction that they can boast, you might be surprised to find out that Ferroli are one of the most affordable boiler brands on the market.  Considered an entry level boiler brand, they are ideal for anyone on a tighter budget that doesn’t want to have to compromise on quality.

Energy efficiency is a significant factor when it comes to boiler costs, as well as initial price and Ferroli offer great efficiency.  A+ rated throughout their range of boilers, they offer 94% efficiency for their combi boilers, which means that only 6p for every £1 spent on running the boiler will be lost to waste heat or gases.  Not only that but their electric boilers run at almost 100% efficiency, so they lose even less!

Every boiler manufacturer offers a range of prices for their boilers.  Everything from boiler size, to output, to specification and features.  Even the different fuel type and the actual type of boiler makes in impact on price.  Ferroli are one of the most affordable brands in the UK, with their prices typically falling somewhere between the £560 – £875 range.

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