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Electric boilers are increasingly becoming more and more popular as they are significantly lower in carbon emissions than boilers that burn natural gas or liquefied petroleum gas (LPG), making them a great green alternative way to fuel homes for the environmentally conscious.

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What is a Electric Boiler?

An electric boiler is quite simply a boiler that uses electricity to generate heat, rather than the more traditional gas fuel you may be more familiar with.  An electric boiler is an ideal solution for homes that aren’t connected the gas network, or even for homes with a small demand for heating and hot water.

They work in almost the same way as a traditional gas boiler, except with an electric boiler the heat is generated by a heating element powered by electricity, rather than by burning gas.

Benefits of a Electric Boiler

We’re all aware that we need to reduce our carbon footprints, and for homes that don’t currently have the option to have a heat pump installed an electric boiler could well be the best low carbon option.

One of the best potential benefits of an electric boiler is that they are completely compatible with solar power!  Because the boiler itself is run by electricity, if you have solar panels installed on your home you can power the boiler completely from that solar electricity!

An electric boiler also has zero carbon emissions that come from the actual boiler – since it doesn’t burn any fossil fuel it doesn’t have any carbon to emit.

Another potential benefit of an electric boiler is that they are generally almost 100% efficient.  Whilst you can’t guarantee that they are going to be 100% efficient throughout their lifecycle, they tend to be significantly more energy efficient when compared like for like to gas boilers.  The highest efficiency available for gas boilers currently is around 93%, whereas the average for an electric boiler is 98%.

Types of Electric Boilers

The most common types of electric boiler you can get are:

Combi Boilers

The most common type of boiler in the UK. Combi boilers take their water directly from the mains water supply, and heat it as required by your taps/showers and heating system, meaning there is no need for large water tanks in the home

System Boilers

Work in a similar way to combi boilers as they take their water from the mains storage system, but then store their hot water in a separate storage tank in order to provide instant hot water.  They are the ideal option for larger homes with a high hot water demand.

Regular Boilers

A regular boiler is the oldest type of boiler system available and works by drawing its hot water from a large cold water tank in the loft or attic, heating that in the boiler, and then delivering that hot water to a hot water storage tank.

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