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Ideal Boilers have been in business for over 100 years and revolutionising the home heating and boiler market that entire time.  Founded in 1906 and known originally as the National Radiator Company, Ideal is consistently one of the top 5 boiler brands in the UK in user survey after user survey.

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Why Choose a Ideal Boiler

Many boiler manufacturers outsource their engineering callouts for repairs.  With Ideal they have fully trained engineers based throughout the UK, and only use their own engineers to ensure that when you call them for assistance that you will be seen by someone with expertise in your make and model, rather than someone who may only have a general idea.

Ideal currently have a 4.8 score on Trust Pilot, with over 22,000 reviews for the brand, showing the satisfaction of their customer base.  Most of their boilers are 20% Hydrogen ready, making them greener and future-proof for net zero targets, and they incorporate smart technology into their products to work together with other items like the Halo smart thermostat.

The Ideal Boiler Range

Ideal has an established reputation within the industry as a leader in innovation.  In 1920 they launched the Cookanheat, a boiler that combined an open fire, central heating boiler and cooking oven all in one unit – meaning that heating options that had only been available to expensive properties were all of a sudden available to a much wider range of homes.

It is this commitment to innovation that Ideal are proud to be known for.  In 2009 they launched the Logic range, which achieved over 90% efficiency and has become an industry leader ever since, winning Quiet Mark and Good Housekeeping awards for their state-of-the-art technology in a unit that fits easily into a kitchen cupboard.

The latest Ideal boilers come with a market-leading 12-year warranty on the Vogue Max model, to prove the commitment to quality, reliability and customer satisfaction that drives Ideal’s business vision.

Made in the UK there are boiler models in the Ideal range that are lightweight and easy to lift (and install), models that are compact and fit into kitchen cupboards, models that have smart technology, and models that are award-winning, truly offering something for everyone.

Ideal Boiler Costs

Ideal offer a complete boiler range, with Combi, System and Regular boilers all on offer and generally providing 7-12 year warranties on their boiler, regardless of type, giving you the peace of mind that they are confident in the quality of their boilers.

One of the biggest reasons to choose an Ideal boiler is that they are a cost-friendly brand but still offer excellent quality.  In comparison to equivalent boilers offered by higher-end manufacturers, the boiler unit that you would get with Ideal may be £200-£300 cheaper, but incredibly close in the specification.  

There are even instances you may find yourself with a better warranty or higher output on your Ideal boiler than your more expensive competitor.

As with all boiler manufacturers, the range of their prices is as varied as their range of products.  Everything from the type and size of the boiler to its output potential can affect the price, as will the installation costs.  

Ideal boilers generally range from £700 – £1700, but they do offer outlying models that can reach £4000 as well.

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