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Intergas Boiler Quotes

Intergas have been in business since 1939 and are one of the leading boiler manufacturers in their native Netherlands. They are new to the UK heating market, but by no means to heating in general, and are at the cutting edge of boiler technology today.

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Why Choose a Intergas Boiler

Reliable and environmentally responsible, Intergas are a worldwide company with over 50 years experience in heating solutions.  They installed the first condensing boiler in the Netherlands in 1989, and in 1996 created the bithermic heat exchanger – a boiler component that is still at the cutting edge of boiler technology today.

Environmentally conscious, Intergas offer a full boiler range that encompasses Regular, System and Combi boilers to ensure that there is something in their product range to suit almost every home.

The Intergas Boiler Range

Intergas offer a level of flexibility in their installation process that lets them install hot water first and then connect the central heating system later – meaning that the inconvenience that comes with changing your boiler and the disruption to your hot water is kept to an absolute minimum.

The environment has always been a big concern for Intergas, and they continue to pursue their goal of lowering emissions by increasing the efficiency of their products.

Intergas designed the two-in-one heat exchanger specifically to increase efficiency in their boilers.  The heat exchanger works by having the water for both central heating and your taps pass through a single exchanger and heating them directly, making sure the boiler is condensing at all times and keeping any lost gases to a minimum.

By only having one heat exchanger the boiler uses less fuel but still produces the same amount of heat.  This reduces emissions by as much as 20%, but also lowers your energy bills at the same time.  Due to the design of the heat exchanger, you will also still have hot water even if the pump in your boiler fails.

Intergas Boiler Costs

Intergas are one of the most affordable boiler manufacturers on the market.  Depending on the size of the boiler, and whether you need a combi, a regular or a system boiler the price you can expect to pay will change.  Broadly speaking you can expect to pay between £600-£1250, with a few specific models reaching as much as £1500.

Intergas offer excellent value for money thanks to the quality of their boilers and their reasonable installation price, and the fact that all their boilers are A rated when it comes to efficiency.  An A rated boiler from Ideal can save you as much as £300 on your energy bills a year, which is a massive saving for any home. 

Energy efficiency is the other side of the coin when it comes to costs, since a low install cost is going to be offset if your boiler has high running costs.  Thankfully the HRE range from Intergas is Energy Saving Trust recommended.

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