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Ravenheat Boiler Quotes

Founded in 1987 Ravenheat are an independent boiler brand based in the UK, with manufacturing in Italy. As an independent brand they have full control over their design and manufacturing process. Ravenheat also has incredible customer support for buyers and installers. It’s an extra layer of comfort knowing that you can easily get assistance in case you run into problems with your new boiler or need some technical assistance.

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Why Choose a Ravenheat Boiler

Ravenheat are an affordable way to get a high-quality, energy efficient boiler.  Boasting an impressive range of boilers, they offer something for everyone connected to the national gas network.  Whether you need a combi, a system or a regular boiler Ravenheat has you covered.

With 90% efficiency across every model they offer, as well as high-quality materials in their manufacturing process, the thing that Ravenheat are most proud of is their commitment to continued customer service even after your boiler installation.  With plenty of help online and over the phone to guide you through everything from troubleshooting to warranty registration.

The Ravenheat Boiler Range

Enjoying success throughout the UK and Europe, Ravenheat have enjoyed a growing reputation in recent years.  Their boilers are designed not only to last, but to be easy to use and work with for installers as well as customers.  Ravenheat have chosen to use brass and copper parts throughout their boilers rather than plastic manifolds and rubber hoses.  This is because the brass and copper parts are not as likely to wear, but crucially not going to be as negatively affected by a leak, elsewhere in the boiler – unlike parts made of other materials.  This allows their boilers to prevent leaks for longer, and maintain the integrity of their parts for a more durable boiler than some of their rivals meaning that customers can avoid a costly repair bill.

The boiler market is full to the brim of different boilers and different manufacturers, but few are as committed to offering excellent customer service in the way that Ravenheat are.  One of the top priorities for the brand themselves is to have responsive customer support and customer service that allows their customers to get as much assistance as possible when it comes to needing help with their new boiler. 

Ravenheat Boiler Costs

One of the most competitively priced boilers on the market, Ravenheat offer premium quality without asking a premium price.

Even though the Ravenheat boiler range uses high-quality brass and copper parts, they are still a great affordable brand.  With boilers across the entire spectrum of prices you can expect to pay anywhere within the region of £500 – £2000 for one of their boilers.  The price of their boilers varies so much because they have a great, wide range of options encompassing different features, boiler types and sizes, so there is something in their range for every home.

Every boiler from Ravenheat comfortably hits the mark for 90% efficiency that is the industry standard in the UK today, meaning that for every £1 you spend on running your boiler, no more than 10p will ever go to waste on lost heat and waste gases.  This means that changing your current, older boiler to an A rated Ravenheat boiler can save some homes as much as £300 on their energy bills, depending on the type of boiler you are replacing and the size of your home.

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