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Vokera Boiler Quotes

Vokera are the UK branch of Riello, and have been providing reliable, and high efficiency boilers for over 35 years. Currently used in over 1.5 million homes in the UK and Ireland, Vokera have a comprehensive range of boilers to suit every home.

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Why Choose a Vokera Boiler

Vokera have a state-of-the-art manufacturing plant where every single appliance they produce is rigorously tested before it ever leaves, ensuring only the highest quality products make it to their customers.

Offering an extensive range of boilers, the Vokera range includes combi, system and regular boilers, as well as commercial options as well.  Not only do Vokera offer a wide range of boiler types, but they have an extensive range of models in different sizes and outputs to ensure they have something for almost every home.

The Vokera Boiler Range

The Vokera range is extensive, reliable and high efficiency.  They specialise in natural gas boilers but can also be run on LPG fuel with a conversion kit.  Not only that, but Vokera are already planning to make its products future-proof.  Their latest Unica Max boiler is 20% hydrogen ready so it can run on a 20% hydrogen mix – a cleaner, more environmentally fuel for the future.

Vokera offers a 12-month warranty as standard across their products, with warranties that can be extended from 5 – 10 years in some cases, showing the commitment that Vokera has to their products and the faith they are willing to show that they won’t have any issues.

Compatible with smart boiler technology like smart thermostats, it’s easy to see why they have satisfied customers across the country, with a fantastic 4.5 rating on TrustPilot (Oct 2022) that speaks to their reputation for quality and customer satisfaction.


Vokera Boiler Costs

Vokera are a great, cost-friendly boiler manufacturer.  Sitting at the lower end of the mid-range of the boiler market they have something to offer most homes, at a price point that is affordable without compromising on quality or energy efficiency.

Broadly speaking a Vokera boiler will cost in the region of £450 – £800, although there are some outlying models that will cost around the £1000 range.  The price of a new or replacement boiler varies on a number of different factors, from the size and output of the boiler to the fuel type it uses and the actual type of boiler itself.

The other thing to consider when replacing your boiler is the efficiency of your new model.  A cheap installation cost is only a good thing if your boiler is energy efficient and cost-effective to run.  Thankfully Vokera is not only energy efficient, but they offer energy efficiency at a higher than the industry standard on some models.  On their most efficient models they offer 94%, meaning that for every £1 spent on running your boiler, only 6p will go to waste.

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