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For nearly 70 years, Dutch manufacturer, ATAG, has been designing and manufacturing high quality boilers.

Highly rated for efficiency and designed to be as compact as possible so they take up minimal space in your home, ATAG take great pride in the energy efficiency and reliability of their boilers.

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Why Choose a Atag Boiler

ATAG precision engineer their boilers at their manufacturing facility in the Netherlands, using the highest quality stainless steel and brass components to ensure they are built to last.

ATAG are so proud of their boilers and believe in their quality that much that they offer an industry leading 10-year warranty on all their products as standard, and even offer up to 14 years on certain boilers – the only condition being that the boiler is professionally services every year and the water filter replaced.

The Atag Boiler Range

Even though ATAG are not the household name in the UK that they are in Europe, their quality is second to none.  Offering a complete boiler range, all in a variety of different sizes to suit different homes.  With 2 different types of combi boiler, a system boiler and a regular boiler, ATAG also supply vented and unvented cylinders so there is going to be something for everyone in their range.

ATAG even offer multiple options that are available in LPG fuel to cater to homes that aren’t connected to the national gas network.

All ATAG boilers come ‘A’ rated for efficiency, making them one of the most energy-efficient boiler manufacturers in Europe.  Every ATAG boiler has their revolutionary iCon heat exchanger.  Made from high-grade stainless steel, it has unrivalled performance and maintains 98% of it’s original efficiency levels throughout its lifetime., continuing to give you incredible performance for years to come.  It’s so good that the Energy Saving Trust has given ATAG boilers its “Endorsed Product” status.

Atag Boiler Costs

Every boiler from ATAG comes A rated for efficiency, with 94% as standard from the brand.  This means that for every £1 spent to run the boiler only 6p is going to waste on excess heat and gases.  An A rated boiler from ATAG could easily save some homes up to £320 on their heating bills, depending on the size of the home and the type of boiler you’re replacing. (Energy Savings Trust, 2017)

ATAG are on the higher end of the market when it comes to pricing.  Not the most expensive brand available, but certainly not the cheapest.  

The quality materials and the reliability that their boiler systems have, combined with their energy efficiency means that they are more than worth the extra cost.

Typically costing somewhere in the region of £650 – £1,000, some of the most powerful models can cost upwards of £1,200, depending on the size of the boiler, and the type of system being installed.

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