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Baxi Boiler Quotes

Baxi are one of the most well-known and trusted heating and hot water brands in the UK, and with industry leading parts and labour warranties on their products, as well as history in the UK manufacturing industry since 1866 it’s easy to see why.

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Why Choose a Baxi Boiler

You should choose Baxi as they’re a mid-range price boiler supplier, with a wide range of products to suit most homes and budgets.  They also have an industry leading warranty for parts and labour, and they’re higher than the minimum requirement for energy efficiency.

The warranty for Baxi is something that edges the scales in their favour over their similarly priced rivals as they offer the best warranty on more of their products, giving customers peace of mind.  On top of that, the addition of their excellent customer service means you won’t be left high and dry after your installation.

The Baxi Boiler Range

Offering a complete boiler range, Baxi has something for everyone.  Whether you are needing a combi boiler, a system boiler, a heat only boiler or an electric boiler, Baxi have you covered.  Not only do they offer a complete range of boilers, but they also offer different sizes of each, to accommodate different types and sizes of home.

Baxi boilers are also a favourite for installers as they focus on their products being straightforward, easy to install and light to lift – with their combi boilers being as light as 26.5 kg.

One of the driving forces for Baxi’s established reputation and popularity with customers is their commitment to exceptional customer service that saw them win Customer Service Person of the Year in 2019, and made them a finalist in the 2020 Top Companies for Customer Service awards.  

One of the best things Baxi dp is their industry leading warranties on all their boilers.  With an up to 10 year warranty on their boilers, they give customers excellent reassurance that not only will they be supported once their boiler is installed, but that the brand are also confident in the quality of their products. 

Baxi Boiler Costs

Baxi are reliable, trusted and have an excellent reputation in the industry for value for money.  Baxi sit firmly within the mid-range price point for boilers, offering affordability and quality both, for almost all budgets.

Baxi offer prices ranging from £600 to £1500 for a combi boiler, £700 to £1100 for a regular gas boiler, and £700 to £1200 for a system boiler.  The price range comes from different factors such as the type of boiler you want, the size of the boiler, it’s efficiency and the warranty included.

Even though it is not a direct cost, another factor to consider when it comes to the financial side of changing your boiler is boiler efficiency.  The minimum boiler efficiency for new domestic boilers in the UK is 92%, and most modern Baxi boilers have 93% efficiency, this means that for every £1 they take to run, only 7p is being lost through heat waste and gases, which makes Baxi an excellent choice for the long term too.

Baxi generally offer great value for money, so they have a boiler at every price point for homes, and even first-time buyers on tighter budgets

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