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Grant are specialists in oil-fired condensing boilers, incorporating high-quality materials and the latest technology into their entire product range. Based in Wiltshire, they have over 40 years of experience in the heating industry and are at the forefront of production of the latest wave of heating products.

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Why Choose a Grant Boiler

Built on a reputation for high quality boilers, Grant are an excellent choice for any of the 4 million homes in the UK not connected to the gas grid.  Specialists in oil-fired boilers, they have systems available for both large and small properties alike, so you are sure to find something that will suit your needs.

Not only do Grant have a reputation for high-quality products, they have an award-winning history for them too.  The Vortex Pro Utility Range are the boilers to be awarded the Which? Best Buy award for three years in a row, and they enjoy a 4.3 rating on TrustPilot (Oct 2022), showing that they appeal to both the industry and customers alike.

The Grant Boiler Range

Oil boilers don’t burn the cleanest fuel, nor is oil the most energy efficient fuel that a boiler can use.  But it is a necessary one if you aren’t connected to the gas grid.  This is where Grant boilers excel.

Grant Boilers use blue flame technology, which signifies much cleaner combustion happening in your boiler compared to the standard yellow flame most boilers use.  Their boilers are also incredibly energy efficient and produce low amounts of NOx pollutant emissions.

This means that when you choose a Grant boiler you are doing the best you can to not only look after your wallet, but the environment as well, which isn’t always something that can be said for an oil-fired boiler.

Grant also offer a range of sizes and types of boilers, encompassing combi, system and regular boilers to make sure they have all bases covered when it comes to their offering, so there should be something in their range for everyone who is looking to replace their oil boiler.

They even have units that can be wall mounted, as well as internal and external oil boilers as well, to offer even more options for more homes.

Grant Boiler Costs

Each Grant boiler has been designed with homeowners and installers alike in mind.  There is something for everyone in their range and they are incredibly energy efficient.

Grant are reasonably priced when it comes to oil-fired boilers.  When it comes to price there are a lot of factors that determine how much a new or replacement boiler will cost.  

Everything from the type of boiler you choose, to whether it is internal or external, and the size and output of the boiler will have an effect.  With the Grant range being so extensive it means that their prices can vary too.  Typically they will cost anywhere from £1,200 – £2,900 depending on the specific model you want.

Grant boilers are also incredibly energy efficient.  Thanks to their blue flame technology and high-quality materials they easily hit the industry standard of 90% efficiency for their boiler range, with some models offering as much as 94% efficiency.– meaning that for every £1 spent on running your boiler you would only lose as little as 6p to waste heat and fuel.  Grant have even been endorsed by the Energy Saving Trust for how efficient their boilers are.

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