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Warmflow are an Oil Boiler specialist with over 50 years of experience of heating homes across the UK & Ireland. All their products are made at their state-of-the-art facility in Lisburn, Northern Ireland and their award winning range includes not only oil fired boilers, but encompasses renewable technologies too.

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Why Choose a Warmflow Boiler

Warmflow have an award-winning range of boilers.  They are a specialist in oil fired boilers and offer a full range of combi, regular and system boilers.  Not only do they offer a complete range to choose from, but they also offer different size and outputs for their boilers too, so they can accommodate the needs of many different homes.

With around 4 million homes in the UK not being a part of the national gas grid, Warmflow are a perfect choice for anyone look to replace their existing oil boiler or change their current boiler to an oil-fired model. 

Warmflow manufacture a range of oil-fired combi, regular and system boilers in a variety of output ratings – something it’s essential to get right when looking for a replacement boiler

The Warmflow Boiler Range

The thing that sets the Warmflow boiler range apart from its competitors is that they are an oil boiler specialist.  This means that for those 4 million homes in the UK not connected to the they are ideal, but they are not a brand that caters to everyone looking to replace their boiler.

Warmflow are the first company to introduce an AA rated oil combi boiler to the UK and Irish market and have gone even further thanks to their patented design that has seen their combi boiler go from AA to AAA rated for energy efficiency.

With Warmflow there are also options in their range that come suitable for external installation.  Fully insulated and protected from the elements, they even have a green finish to make them blend in better with their external surroundings.

A typical Warmflow warranty is around 2-7 years, depending on the boiler type you choose, and the model.  The heat exchanger across the entire range of boilers is covered by a 7 year warranty as standard, all you need to do is activate your warranty on the Warmflow website and you are good to go.

Warmflow Boiler Costs

Boiler costs will always vary on a lot of factors, one of which is fuel type.  As anyone with an existing oil boiler will know, oil is a more expensive fuel than natural gas.  Regardless of the kind of boiler you choose, an oil-fired boiler is always going to be more expensive thanks to the different elements needed in an oil boiler to make them run effectively.

Typically speaking a boiler from Warmflow will cost anywhere in the region of £1,200 – £2,900 depending on the type of boiler you choose to install, with Combi, System and Regular boilers each costing different amounts, and the size and output of the boiler also making a difference too.

Whilst an oil boiler is not ever going to have the same level of efficiency as a natural gas boiler, there are very real benefits to choosing a combi boiler from Warmflow to replace your existing oil-fired combi.  The efficiency of their now AAA rated boilers compared to others on the market make them up to 5 litres of fuel more efficient than their market leading competitors – reducing the cost of running your boiler, and the amount of oil you will need to keep your boiler running in the longer term.

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