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What is UPVC Decking?

Everyone wants a beautiful outside space to relax in and enjoy, and we’ve always had a lot of options to choose from to build that space. You could use composite decking, or a traditional timber decking to build your own slice of paradise, but there are more and more people choosing UPVC decking to do the job.

UPVC stands for Unplasticised Poly Vinyl Chloride, and is a sustainable thermoplastic that is widely used as a replacement for timber in in the construction industry. It is an incredibly versatile material, with both durability and longevity guaranteed.

Because UPVC decking is made from 100% plastic, it is entirely recyclable. The plastic in the decking can be remelted down and turned into different shapes and plastics, as well as be made from already recycled plastic itself. In a world where sustainability and environmental concerns are becoming increasingly paramount, UPVC decking can say that no trees have to be cut down to make it, and nota single scrap of it has to end up in a landfill.


UPVC Decking

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Why install UPVC Decking?

There are so many reasons to choose UPVC decking that it’s hard to know where to start. Since a good place is usually at the beginning then we should say that UPVC decking looks fantastic. It can be customised in a variety of ways to make sure that there is a finish and a colour that fits perfectly with your outside space, no matter what kind of vibe or aesthetic you have.

Beyond that, UPVC decking is the perfect solution to one of the biggest challenges that comes with traditional materials. . . maintenance. Traditional decking made from timber requires regular jet washing, staining, sealing and repainting to keep it protected from the elements and looking its best. UPVC decking however needs nothing more than a wash down with soap and water, the same way your gutters and fasci as do to keep them looking good. On top of that, because UPVC is non-porous it doesn’t allow the build up of any kind of mildew or mould which reduces the amount of maintenance even more!

If that wasn’t enough, then the fact that UPVC decking is designed with safety in mind should seal the deal. Traditional decking materials like timber can very quickly become slippery when wet, especially if they’re starting to build up any kind of mildew or need cleaning. UPVC decking is designed to be slip resistant, even when it’s wet – which makes it perfect for families with young children, and for the elderly or unsteady alike.

UPVC Decking Manufacturers

The market for UPVC decking in the UK is a good one. With a great demand nationwide for ways to improve our gardens and outside spaces, there are plenty of options for consumers to choose from.

UPVC Decking FAQs

Since UPVC decking isn’t exactly an everyday purchase, it’s understandable that you might have some questions. We’ve collected some of our most frequently asked questions and put the answers together in one easy place to make things a little easier for you.

UPVC stands for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride. It’s a material used in place of traditional building materials made from a durable plastic polymer that can be designed to resemble wood, but requires significantly less maintenance.

UPVC decking has a lower environmental impact that traditional decking since it doesn’t involve cutting down any trees to make it. Beyond that, the UPVC is recyclable, so it can be melted down and reused in future projects.

For 99% of people as long as your Air Source Heat Pump is up to MCS standards, then they are classed as a permitted development.

There are a lot of UPVC decking products that come with a textured surface for precisely this reason, so that they can grip better when they are wet. However, it is always wide to be cautious when it is wet outside as no surface is completely slip free.

UPVC decking is incredibly easy to maintain, it only requires water, mild soap and a soft brush orcloth to wash it down with in order to remove any dirt and debris. There is no need to sand, stain orseal it at all. Just keep it clean and it will look great for years!

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