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Viessman Boiler Quotes

Viessman are one of the biggest names in boiler manufacturing, and one of the leading boiler manufacturers in Europe.  Family owned and family run, they are now in their Fourth Generation, with over 100 years in the industry.

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Why Choose a Viessman Boiler

Viessmann are a great option for anyone looking at the higher end of the mid-range market.  They don’t have options available at the lowest price points, although they do offer a complete range of boilers to choose from, meaning every boiler type is covered.

Viessmann are set apart from their competitors in a similar price range because with Viessmann you get what you pay for.  They might be slightly more expensive; however, the guarantee of German engineering and high-quality parts means you are getting a boiler known within the industry for reliability and high-quality as standard.  Viessmann also pride themselves on their design, meaning that your boiler is likely to look good in your home.

The Viessman Boiler Range

Viessmann offer a complete range of boilers, so have something for everyone looking to replace their current boiler system.  Whether you need a combi boiler, system or regular boiler, an electric boiler or an oil boiler Viessmann have you covered. Not only do they offer a range of different types of boilers, they also offer a wide range of different size boilers for different homes.

Viessmann offer hydrogen-ready (20%), energy efficient boilers that are already prepared to burn a blend of hydrogen and natural gas as we start to move toward different fuel sources for heating.  This is just one of the many ways they are a company who like to make sure they are on the frontline when it comes to the latest technology and innovation.

The key thing setting Viessmann apart from other brands is their commitment to quality.  Their entire combi boiler range is made in Germany, meaning the standards you expect from German engineering are all present and correct in your boiler.  The Vitodens 050-W for example features a stainless steel heat exchanger, a high quality component that isn’t industry standard and helps the boiler to last longer than same spec boilers from other brands.

Viessman Boiler Costs

Longevity, reliability, and high-quality and the hallmarks of Viessmann.  They have a reputation within the industry for high-quality, with a 4.5 star rating from Trustpilot, as well as being highly respected by Which?  Many Viessmann boilers consistently make their way into the Which? Best Buy lists for boilers, and the Vitodens 100-w is widely regarded as one of the best boilers on the market.

The higher reputation for quality is reflected in their higher price range. Viessmann offer a range of boilers to suit every home, although they are higher priced than some of their competitors.  Despite the higher price range Viessmann do still offer a boiler to suit a lot of price points.  Prices for a combi boiler from Viessmann range from around £900 – £2000, for a heat only boiler they range from £1100 – £1650, and for a system boiler they range from £950 – £2000.

Viessmann boilers are all A rated for efficiency, with 92% efficiency across their boiler range.  This means that when it comes to your bills that only 8p from every £1 spent is wasted through heat loss and gases.

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