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Why Replace Your Windows?

If you haven’t replaced your windows since we held the Olympics in London, then your windows are now at least 10 years old! The standard size of double glazing back then was a 6mm gap between panes of glass, today that standard has doubled to between 12-16mm, greatly increasing the insulation they provide your home.

25-30% of all heating and cooling in your home happens through your windows, and 10% of all your home’s heating loss is through your windows, so ensuring that your windows are energy efficient and properly sealed will make all the difference to your home.

Modern windows and doors are made from better materials, with better energy efficiency, and come in a variety of options to make them suit your home, both in terms of design and effectiveness. This leads to less heat loss, adds value to your home, and lets you put a little bit of personality into your property too.






Double-Hung Window

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Window Types

The different types of windows available reflect the uniqueness of the different homes in the UK. There is a window type for every home, whether you want a classic shape, or a modern design, the world of windows is bigger than you think.

Double-Hung Windows

Double-Hung (or double-sash) windows are a classic design  where both the top and bottom sash of the window can be opened

Casement Windows

Casement Windows are the most popular window type in the UK. Casement windows are usually hinged from the side, and open outwards.

Awning Windows

Awning Windows are the perfect window for a modern home. They are hinged at the top and open outwards with a crank to provide a unique way to ventilate your home.

Bay Windows

Bay Windows are another classic window type. They add space to your interior and allow your home to let in more light than regular windows set into the wall.

Improve Energy Efficiency

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The Benefits of Modern Windows

Windows are one of the defining features of every home, providing light, sealing in warmth in the winter, and allowing cool air and ventilation for your home in the summer months.

With rising energy prices, and the improvements in technology in modern windows the difference that they can make to the energy efficiency of your home can’t be overstated. Simply adding new double-glazed windows in your home can add 5-10 points to your homes EPC certificate.

Today windows come in a variety of materials, ranging from wood, to aluminium, to uPVC, and even more colours and finishes – so you can add curb appeal and brighten up both your homes interior and exterior.

An unsung benefit of modern replacement windows is the number of protective bodies and accreditations that oversee the standards and practices of manufacturers and installers in the industry, giving customers protection and peace of mind for their installations.

Window Manufacturers

The market for replacement windows in the UK is massive, and there are plenty of companies for customers to choose from, from heavy hitting national companies to smaller more regional firms. We have put together so handy guides to give you an idea of what is out there to choose from.

Window FAQs

Windows is one of those products where you find yourself looking at them every day, but since you never need to replace them, you don’t actually know that much about them. That’s why we’ve got together some of our most common questions and answered them for you, to make life just a little bit easier.

Old windows in the UK have poorer insulation which leads to higher levels of energy loss and higher energy bills. Replacing your windows can not only reduce your energy bills, but can increase your EPC score, which can add value to your home.

You’d be surprised at how big the world of windows is these days. You can choose from many different types of window, as well as a multitude of different window materials such as uPVC, timber and aluminium – each with their own different advantages regarding energy efficiency, durability, aesthetics and maintenance.

This would depend on the company that installs your replacement windows, but we’d have to say it’s a very strong possibility! The days of having white windows in a boxy design are long gone. If you choose uPVC as your window material, then the options you have for design are massive!

The UK has a national rating scheme that is recognised by the Building Regulations as a way to show the energy efficiency of a replacement window installation. The rating scheme (known as the BFRC Rating Scheme) grades windows from A-G, in the same way that white goods in your home are rated.

A to A++ rated windows are the highest ratings windows can get for energy efficiency in accordance with this scheme.

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Honest Quotes work with trusted, vetted installers throughout the country to make sure we can not only provide you with quotes but reliable partners to fulfil those quotes. Whether you are just looking for one window replacing, or if you want the whole house taken care of, Honest Quotes have you covered, no matter where you are in the UK.

From London to Manchester, and Birmingham to Liverpool, Honest Quotes have you covered. We’ve cut through the noise of traditional comparison sites and work to find you the right quote for replacement windows in your area.

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